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Tuesday Forecast: 07.29.14

This week all hip hop eyes should probably land on the new Shabazz Palaces, Kev Brown, and Planet Asia. For those that don’t know Shabazz Palaces is in part comprised of Ishmael aka Butterfly from Digable Planets (now based in Seattle). Kev Brown has been doing his blue collar work ethic thing for awhile. And Planet Asia, while I still think his first ep is by far the best, is still dropping gems when teamed up with the right producer.

In the non hip hop world I think Land Observation’s The Grand Tour takes the cake. This is a travel record, guitar orchestrated beautiful instrumentals for zoning out or zoning in. Then there’s the zany-ness of Wastoid, psych-rock of Wildest Dream, and some crooning from Nicola Conte.

Push buttons. Out.