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Tuesday Forecast: 07.29.14

This week all hip hop eyes should probably land on the new Shabazz Palaces, Kev Brown, and Planet Asia. For those that don’t know Shabazz Palaces is in part comprised of Ishmael aka Butterfly from Digable Planets (now based in Seattle). Kev Brown has been doing his blue collar work ethic thing for awhile. And Planet Asia, while I still think his first ep is by far the best, is still dropping gems when teamed up with the right producer.

In the non hip hop world I think Land Observation’s The Grand Tour takes the cake. This is a travel record, guitar orchestrated beautiful instrumentals for zoning out or zoning in. Then there’s the zany-ness of Wastoid, psych-rock of Wildest Dream, and some crooning from Nicola Conte.

Push buttons. Out.


Tuesday Forecast (04.01.14)

Well alright, the formatting is still janky but alas I carry on. Cunninlynguists finally drop another one and I assure you they are as dope as their name is cheesy, don’t let it fool you. Kev Brown sprinkles us with some more production on Pillars with emcee MindsOne, I don’t know anything about him but I sure do love me some Kev Brown. Oh yea, and a new one from Mobb Deep. And yes I kind of add that as an afterthought cuz I don’t even know if I want to hear it BUT it comes with a bunch of bonus joints from their The Infamous sessions so that might actually be worth it.

I’m also intrigued to hear what Thievery Corporation, Architecture in Helsinki, and HTRK have cooked up for us. Heeeeere we go…


Song of the Week- Sean Born “Grandeur (Prod. Kev Brown)”

To start off the new year, here’s a joint from Sean Born and Kev Brown. Hailing from the Mello Music Group and Low Budget fam, kings of making waves in the hip hop universe on the humble (not to be read soft) tip.

And pick up Sean Born’s new album, “Behind the Scale” here.

“A gritty 90′s style album for those who grew up on Illmatic, Midnight Marauders, Only Built for Cuban Links, Moment of Truth, and Ready to Die. Behind The Scale shows the other side of what some are glamorizing about street life and drug trade. This is unfiltered, real sh*t on tape. Some of the stories are intensely personal and Sean second-guessed including them, but if it ain’t raw it ain’t real. Behind The Scale is about change, transition and growing up.”


Top of the Crates


I was raised on the beats of the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and Giving Up (Prod by Joc Max) off of the album “Quarter Life Crisis” by Quartermaine took me back to my youth. Cop a copy of the vinyl from Redefinition Records and support real underground independent hip-hop.